The Civil Society Organisations Strategy outlines the development of the operating conditions of non-governmental organisations

Ministry of Justice
Publication date 6.6.2024 14.00
Press release

The Government has adopted a resolution on the Civil Society Organisations Strategy. With the help of the strategy, the Government will promote independent fund-raising activities by CSOs, develop government grant activities concerning CSOs and dismantle bureaucracy that burdens them.

The activities of civil society organisations promote people's well-being, democracy and inclusion. CSOs also strengthen the overall security and crisis resilience of society. In order for this to continue in the future, public administration must develop the operating conditions of CSOs in both in the short and longer term. As CSO activities and the operating environment of CSO organisations can change rapidly, they need to develop their activities, increase their cooperation and reform their structures.

"The development of the operating conditions of civil service organisations will be based on developing the preconditions for fundraising and government grant activities during this government term. The reform of practices will require openness, dialogue, inclusion and a solution-oriented approach. Multidisciplinary cooperation will play a key role," says Minister of Justice Leena Meri

Objectives include the development of fundraising 

The objectives listed in the strategy for the development of the operating conditions of CSOs include:

  • A culture of donations based on private funding will develop and the self-sufficiency of CSOs will improve.
  • The effectiveness of discretionary government grant activities will increase and its productivity will improve.
  • EU funding to Finland will grow, and Finland will benefit more from the European Union.
  • People's participation in voluntary activities and the importance of voluntary activities will increase.
  • Knowledge-based management, administrative inclusion and cooperation with CSOs will improve in central government. 

The implementation of the strategy includes extending the right to deduct donations to civil society organisations under certain conditions and restrictions, as well as the more extensive investigation of the matter, reforming the Act on Discretionary Government Transfers and discretionary government grant practices, and forming a vision for civil society on the basis of a common situational picture.

The strategy is based on the Programme of Prime Minister Petteri Orpo's Government The strategy extends to the end of the government term, i.e. until 2027. A cross-administrative working group will coordinate the implementation of the strategy in the Government, and a separate monitoring group will ensure the quality of its implementation. 

Further information:
Mikko Lehtonen, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 295 150 173, [email protected] 
Maria Wakeham-Hartonen, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 295 150 416, [email protected] 

A resolution is a political statement that provides instructions and guidelines to central government on the preparation of matters. It characterised as a preparatory decision and final decisions are taken by the relevant and preparatory authority.

Government resolution on the development of operating conditions of civil society organisations: CSO Strategy 2023–2027 

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