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The Advisory Board on Civil Society Policy informs
An autonomous and dynamic civil society for all

3.10.2022 9.31
A truly multi-voiced civil society reinforces democracy and the crisis tolerance of society as a whole. In its new strategy, published today, as well as its Govern Programme objectives, the Advisory Board on Civil Society Policy (KANE) emphasises the importance of dynamism and autonomy in our changing world.

Report: Democratic deficit among immigrants and multilingual Finns must be fixed

15.6.2022 12.01
The voice of immigrants and multilingual Finns is not being heard in decision-making and public debate. A report published today by the Advisory Board for Ethnic Relations (ETNO) examines what kind of barriers to participation and exerting influence in society there are among immigrants and multilingual Finns and presents solutions for removing them.

All companies, cooperatives and associations to be given the possibility to organise virtual meetings

21.4.2022 13.39
The Government proposes a legislative amendment that would provide all limited liability companies, limited liability housing companies, cooperatives and associations with the possibility to hold their meetings completely remotely. The aim is to improve the opportunities of shareholders and members to participate in the meetings.

Minister of Justice Henriksson: Finland supports work of the International Criminal Court in Ukraine to bring war criminals to justice

24.3.2022 16.29
"Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a blatant violation of international law. Finland is committed to supporting the work of the International Criminal Court to investigate international crimes committed in Ukraine in order to bring the perpetrators to justice,” Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson stressed at an international ministerial meeting today.

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice maintains and develops legal order and legal protection and oversees the structures of democracy and the fundamental rights of citizens.

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Administrative sector

Administrative sector

More than 9,100 people work in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice, most of them in courts.

The administrative sector of the Ministry of Justice

Minister of Justice

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