Objectives of the Ministry of Justice in 2016–2019

In the Ministry of Justice, the Permanent Secretary, the departments and the other agencies under the Ministry negotiate and agree about the departments' and agencies' performance targets and resources for four years at a time. The targets, measures and resources are reviewed annually as necessary.

The responsibilities of the Ministry of Justice and its administrative branch belong to the central duties of the state. Because of changes in the operational environment, these responsibilities must be reassessed without jeopardising the rule of law and its materialisation.

At the moment, the state economy suffers from slow growth, changes in the production structure, and ageing of the population. The poor general economic situation is the most powerful factor influencing the activities in the Ministry of Justice and all the sectors of its administrative branch.

In the next four-year period, the different sectors of the administrative branch will be affected by the ongoing internationalisation and increasing multiculturalism of the Finnish society, the increasing significance of basic rights and liberties and human rights and the EU law, the diversification of applicable sources of law, and the increasingly complicated legal relationships to be dealt with.

The tight economic situation does not exempt the public authority from its responsibility for the materialisation of basic rights and liberties and human rights. Therefore, major steps to optimise activities and extensive structural reforms are needed in the different sectors of the administrative branch to maintain the rule of law. In accordance with the guidelines set in the performance management development project of the Ministry of Finance, the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice has transferred to the multi-annual performance management model in 2015. In the performance agreements of the Ministry and the administrative branch, targets are for the first time set for the coming four-year period. Consequently, performance management will become more strategic in nature and, at the same time, efforts will be made towards a more long-term coordination of operating and financial planning.

The performance target document of the Ministry of Justice consists of the societal impact targets, operational performance targets, human resources targets, and economic targets, set in the strategy map of the Ministry's administrative branch, as well as of the most central measures related to them. Additionally, the objectives recorded in the draft budget of 2016 and certain other key measures are mentioned in the document.

In order to strengthen the materialisation of the common objectives of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry has defined the most important projects for the years 2016–2019. These projects concern the administrative branch of the Ministry horizontally and carry out the objectives of the strategy map. They are also closely linked to the foundation of the Action Plan of the Government Programme. When they were selected, attention was paid to the change factors in the operational environment of the administrative branch.

The Ministry of Justice's performance targets 2016-2019 (in Finnish)