Role of the Ministry of Justice in implementing the Government Programme

The Government Programme of Prime Minister Marin contains a large number of objectives that require action from the Ministry of Justice and its administrative branch. For example, strengthening of democracy, participation and equality, prevention of discrimination and social exclusion, and increasing the sense of security are among the strategic objectives set out in the Government Programme. Well-functioning judicial proceedings, realisation of legal protection and a reliable criminal sanctions system are key objectives in the Ministry's administrative branch. The strategy of the Ministry of Justice supports the implementation of the Government Programme.

The Government has appointed a Ministerial Working Group on Internal Security and Strengthening the Rule of Law. The working group is chaired by Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson. Ensuring that Finland continues to be a safe and secure state built on the rule of law is at the heart of the projects that the Ministry of Justice is responsible for in the Government Programme.

The Ministry of Justice, in cooperation with other ministries, will carry out projects to prevent over-indebtedness, promote good relations between population groups, and improve the position of victims of human trafficking. During the government term, a third National Action Plan on Fundamental and Human Rights and an action plan for combating violence against women will be drawn up. The Democracy Programme 2025 includes measures to strengthen democracy and participation.

Further information on the projects related to the implementation of the Government Programme and their progress is available in the Gateway to Information on Government Projects (in Finnish).

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