Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council  

The Council of the European Union is a body representing the governments of the Member States. EU legislative projects are typically initiated by the Commission. The task of the Council is to deliberate the contents of the legislation proposed by the Commission and to adopt new EU legislation. The Council adopts new EU legislation in most cases together with the European Parliament. As a rule, the Council is to adopt its decisions by qualified majority voting.

The Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council deals with justice and home affairs of the European Union and takes decisions in this area. The JHA Council is made up of justice and home affairs ministers from all the EU Member States.  In justice affairs, Finland is represented in the Council by the Minister of Justice. The Council meets on average six to eight times a year.

In the JHA Council, matters are first prepared by working parties comprised of public officials from the Member States. Public officials from the Ministry of Justice represent Finland in the working parties in the area of justice.

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