The main objectives and responsibilities in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice 2016–2019

The performance-based management in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice is under reform. In line with a common government guideline, the aim is to achieve a more strategic, intersectoral,uniform and lighter system of performance management.

One of the key objectives is to increase the long-term coordination of operational and financial planning. With the reform, the Ministry has adopted a model of four-year performance agreements and introduced strategy maps with which to present the performance targets of the agencies in the ministry's administrative branch in a uniform manner. The renewed performance management model is being implemented for the first time over the planning period 2016–2019. Now, the performance management system takes better into account the Government Programme and the related Government Action Plan and the objectives set out by the Government can be transferred undisturbed to all level of activities, with due respect to impartiality of justice. Strategy-oriented planning is based on the organisations' main responsibilities as defined by legislation.

The strategy map of the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice sets out a vision for 2025 as well as societal impact targets, performance targets, human resources targets and economic targets for the period 2016–2020. It also lists key measures with which to achieve the vision and the objectives.

The Ministry of Justice's operating and financial plans (in Finnish)
Programme for the reform of the administration of justice for 2013-2025 (in Finnish)