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Last AMIF call for proposals to distribute EUR 7.5 million in EU support for projects

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 1.11.2021 14.48 | Published in English on 2.11.2021 at 10.53
Press release 135/2021
Photo: Jukka Rapo, KEKSI, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A total of 17 projects will receive funding from the last call for proposals of the programming period 2014–2020, organised in May under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). EU funding to be granted for the projects will amount to approximately EUR 7.5 million. The funded projects will develop the asylum system and promote receptiveness in society, capacity building for legal migration and the implementation of the return system and Finland’s quota refugee programme. 

Integration is supported by strengthening receptiveness in society

In the call for proposals, EU support for the promotion of integration was restricted to measures to promote receptiveness in society. Five projects under this theme will receive funding of a total of approximately EUR 760,000.

The projects aim to identify and dismantle structural racism, for example in the school world, youth work, universities of applied sciences and in services.

Support will be granted to the Peace Education Institute, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, LAB University of Applied Sciences and Life Education Finland.

Project activities build up the authorities’ capacity and processes

EU support for developing the asylum process will be granted for the Finnish Immigration Service’s PLANE project. It aims to reform the electronic documentation of customer work in reception centres, detention units and the assistance system for victims of human trafficking.

In order to develop the immigration administration, EU support will be granted for two projects of the Finnish Immigration Service: a uniform induction and self-study project for immigration-related permit processes (LYRIA project) and the Finnish Immigration Service’s project on foresight and resource planning (SEER project).

EU support will also be granted for International House Helsinki (IHH) for a project that promotes the authorities’ services in the early stage of immigration by carrying out a study to support digital development.

Return projects promote cooperation in return matters and safeguard the rights of those to be returned

Two projects related to return measures will receive support within the framework of the call: a project of the Finnish Immigration Service involving the placement of a return expert to the Embassy of Finland in Iraq (REX2) and a project of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman on the return of vulnerable persons and the realisation of their rights.

Resettlement projects take into account the special needs of quota refugees

Six projects will receive EU support from the separate appropriations for resettlement of quota refugees under the AMIF.

The projects will focus on supporting the mental health of quota refugees, rehabilitating them from war trauma and reinforcing paths to working life. They will also organise cultural orientation training for those arriving in Finland as quota refugees and support municipalities that receive quota refugees.

Support will be granted to the Finnish Immigration Service, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Helsinki Deaconess Institute Foundation, Spring House Oy and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

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