International cooperation

The Ministry of Justice aims to promote a stable rule of law in Finland and especially in its neighbouring areas. International cooperation seeks to reinforce cross-border legal protection, and it also brings new angles to the reform work carried out in Finland.

In the Council of Europe, the Ministry of Justice participates in the development of pan-European rule of law for the purpose of promoting democracy and human rights. Among the most important cooperation forums in the international activities of the Ministry of Justice are also the Hague Conference on Private International Law, the OECD, and the UN. The Ministry’s public officials participate in the work of various committees and working groups of these international organisations.

The legal basis for Nordic cooperation is the so-called Helsinki Treaty, concluded in 1962, which also defines principles for judicial cooperation. The Nordic ministers of justice convene annually, in addition to which ministers from the Nordic countries meet with ministers from the Baltic States every two years.

The Ministry of Justice has agreed on bilateral cooperation programmes with the judicial authorities of Russia and China.