Processing of personal data in the services of the Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice processes personal data in order to comply with a legal obligation or, in certain situations, to perform a task carried out in the public interest or based on your consent. Government ICT Centre Valtori and its subcontractors provide ICT services to the Ministry of Justice.

The Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for the camera surveillance in the premises of the Ministry of Justice. For information about the related privacy policy, please see the website of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Your data protection-related rights

You have the right to request access to your personal data, rectification or erasure of your personal data, and restriction of their processing. Moreover, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data in certain situations. Instructions on how to make a request can be found here (in Finnish).

Johanna Järvinen is the Data Protection Officer at the Ministry of Justice. 

The Data Protection Ombudsman monitors compliance with the data protection legislation in Finland.

More information about data protection rights at the website of the Data Protection Ombudsman's website.



Oikeusministeriö, P.O.Box 25, FI-00023 Government

Registry: oikeusministerio(a) and telephone +358 2951 50320

Data Protection Officer

Johanna Järvinen


telephone +358 2951 50004

Sending confidential documents by email

If you want to send confidential documents to the Ministry of Justice or its agencies, it is advised to do it using the Ministry's secure email system ( The service is easy and safe to use and free of charge.

If you want to send secure email to the Ministry or its agencies, insert the necessary identification information to the name, content and attachments of your message so that it can be directed to the right person and that the subject area and sender of the message are known.

This guide explains how to send secure email to the Ministry of Justice and its agencies