Department for Criminal Policy and Criminal Law               

The Department for Criminal Policy and Criminal Law is responsible for planning and developing criminal policy, crime prevention and the criminal sanctions system. The Department drafts legislation in the fields of criminal law and criminal procedural law. It is also responsible for matters related to the position of crime victims and anti-corruption work.

The Department deals with tasks related to the performance guidance of the Criminal Sanctions Agency, the prosecution service and the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations. The Department also receives and processes petitions for pardon.

There are three units in the Department for Criminal Policy and Criminal Law: Crime Prevention and Sanctions, Criminal Law, and Criminal Procedure.

The Department is headed by Director General Ville Hinkkanen.

Crime Prevention and Sanctions

Head of Unit Lauri Rautio 

Criminal Law

Head of Unit Jussi Matikkala (acting)

Criminal Procedure

Head of Unit Katariina Jahkola