Invoicing address of the Ministry of Justice for e-invoices is

Invoicing address/party identification number: 003702459747017
E-invoicing operator: Posti Messaging Oy
Operator code: FI28768767

Business ID: 0245974-7
VAT number: FI02459747

All invoices must contain the department, unit or other identifying information of the customer as a reference, or if the order has been placed via order management system, the order number.

If the supplier does not have an e-invoicing system at its disposal, it may use the free e-invoicing service provided by the State for creating and sending e-invoices. The service and instructions for use are available at

We also accept attachments to e-invoices provided that they are in electronic format. Other materials shall be sent to: Ministry of Justice, P.O.Box 25, 00230 GOVERNMENT

Further information on the reception of e-invoices may be obtained by sending e-mail to [email protected].