Crime and punishment

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for drafting the Criminal Code and the legislation concerning the enforcement of punishments. The Ministry steers the enforcement of punishments, is responsible for developing the prosecution service and securing a favourable operating environment for it, and is in charge of tasks related to crime prevention. Furthermore, the Ministry is responsible for improving the position of crime victims and for coordinating the anti-corruption activities.

  • Criminal policy »

    In its widest sense, criminal policy refers to all actions that have an effect on criminality.

  • Crime prevention »

    Crime prevention aims to reduce crime and its harmful effects and to increase safety and the sense of security in society.

  • Criminal law »

    Criminal law is the body of law that regulates questions related to criminal liability.

  • Criminal procedure »

    The criminal procedure consists of several stages, for instance criminal investigation and trial.

  • Criminal sanctions »

    Punishments are the essence of the criminal sanctions system. The general punishments are fixed fine, fine, conditional imprisonment, community service, monitoring sentence and unconditional imprisonment.

  • Anti corruption efforts »

    The Ministry of Justice functions as the national coordinating body for anti-corruption work in Finland.

  • Crime victims »

    The Ministry of Justice is responsible for drafting the legislation relating to the legal status of crime victims and for the general development of the position of crime victims within its mandate.