Cooperative working group for improving law drafting

The Ministry of Justice has appointed a cooperation group for the development of law drafting for the term from 2 November 2015 to 31 March 2019. The purpose of the group is to continue the cross-sectoral cooperation conducted between the ministries in order to develop law drafting. The tasks of the working group are:

  • To implement the Government Programme policy line that concerns increasing the use of alternative instruments.
  • To clarify the legislative policy steering in accordance with the Government Programme. A specific objective is to intesify the dialogue between the policies for the national and EU better regulation.
  • To provide a discussion forum that enables enhanced international cooperation on better regulation. The group will present its views and, where necessary, also propose measures to address the observations brought up in the Regulatory Policy Outlook published by the OECD in October 2015 on the development needs in the Finnish law drafting.
  • To promote compliance with the procedure for good law drafting and to promote the dissemination of the best practices in law drafting activities.
  • To provide a channel for discussion and exchange of information on the development of law drafting between the public officials of the various ministries.
  • To monitor the practical compliance with the various law drafting instructions and the Legislative Drafting Process Guide.
  • To promote the introduction of ex post impact assessment within the Government.
  • To participate in the development of law drafting training programmes, where necessary.
  • To organise events for law drafters on current issues related to law drafting.

Antti Leinonen, Director General, chair of the working group, +358 2951 50264 (firstname.T. [email protected])

Hanna-Leena Iso-Ketola, Senior Planning Officer, secretary of the working group, +358 2951 50506 ([email protected])