Towards an open and active society

The Strategy of the Ministry of Justice describes the Ministry's vision, main responsibilities and overall objectives. The vision of the Ministry of Justice is an open and active society where everyone can feel they belong and be confident that their rights will be respected.

Strategy of the Ministry of JusticeMain responsibilities and values of the Ministry of Justice

The main responsibility of the Ministry of Justice is to ensure the operation of the rule of law. The Ministry of Justice

  • promotes democracy and respect for fundamental rights
  • promotes the implementation of legal protection and the enforcement of criminal liability
  • guarantees a favourable operating environment for actors and agencies in its administrative branch
  • drafts legislation for its field of activity
  • develops law drafting within the government.

The Ministry of Justice operates as part of the unified government. The Ministry of Justice is committed to the common set of values shared by the government, which are

  • openness
  • equality
  • trust
  • service principle
  • impartiality and independence
  • effectiveness
  • quality and strong expertise
  • responsibility.

Objectives of the Ministry’s Strategy

The objectives of the Strategy of the Ministry of Justice are divided into societal impact targets, operational performance targets, human resources targets and economic targets.

1. Societal impact targets

  • Everyone has equal rights and opportunities to participate and influence
  • A modern and supportive judicial system that promotes and safeguards favourable working conditions for people, businesses and communities
  • High-quality law drafting that lays preconditions for wellbeing and competitiveness
  • Everyone has access to high-quality legal protection
  • Criminal liability is enforced in a just manner; criminality and the sense of insecurity are reduced.

2. Operational performance targets

  • Digital solutions are utilised responsibly as part of the versatile service supply
  • The quality of law drafting is ensured by developing expertise and working methods
  • The organisational structure and the existing network of premises enable efficient operations
  • Networking and cooperation are used more extensively in preparative and decision-making stages.

3. Human resources targets

  • Participatory and inspiring management contributes to the achievement of targets
  • The development of expertise is strategic and future-oriented
  • Work communities treat everyone fairly and support wellbeing at work.

4. Economic targets

  • Sufficient financial scope for manoeuvre enables systematic development
  • Productivity is improved by reforming operations.

Trends in the operating environment

The future trends in the operating environment of the Ministry of Justice include

  • internationalisation
  • demographic changes and migration
  • technological transformation and digitalisation
  • changes in democracy and ways of participating.

The strategy is put into practice through a performance agreement

The strategy is put into practice through a performance agreement, which covers a period of four years at a time. The agreement lays down the practical measures and resources for achieving the performance targets, taking into account the Government's policies and changes in the operating environment. The performance targets of the Ministry of Justice are reviewed annually in the negotiations between the Permanent Secretary, the Ministry's departments and the advisory staff to the Permanent Secretary.

The achievement of the targets is assessed each year in the annual report, which is part of the Ministry's final accounts. In August, a half-yearly report is prepared, which includes an initial assessment of the foreseeable risks, changes in the operating environment and ways to manage them.

Performance targets for the agencies in the Ministry’s administrative branch are agreed upon in the performance target negotiations conducted between the Ministry and the agency concerned. The performance targets for the administrative branch are based on the policies already adopted by the Minister during the preparation of the budget, and they are confirmed by the Permanent Secretary on presentation of the Director General of the Department for Administration and Oversight.

Planning documents related to the performance guidance in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice