EU funding programmes 

The objective of the EU funding programme in the field of justice, the Justice Programme, is to facilitate and support judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters. Actions to be funded from the programme include judicial training for judges and other personnel within the judicial system and measures aiming to facilitate access to justice, such as promotion of the rights of crime victims. Moreover, initiatives in the field of drugs policy may receive support.

The EU Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme aims to promote an effective implementation of the principle of non-discrimination on grounds of e.g. gender or ethnic origin, to prevent violence, to protect the rights of children and to promote the exercise of rights deriving from citizenship of the Union.

The programme period of the current funding programmes is 2014-2020. The budget of the Justice Programme for the entire programme period is EUR 378 million and the budget of the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme EUR 439 million.

For example universities, research institutes, judicial and administrative authorities and non-governmental organisations may apply for this funding. Funding may be granted for example for training, conducting surveys and studies, organisation of seminars and campaigns, and development and maintenance of information systems.

The Commission publishes calls for proposals under these programmes annually.

New open calls for proposals under the Justice and Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) programmes

DG JUSTICE Newsletter on funding opportunities & funded projects