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The development of legislative drafting

Acts passed by the Parliament are drafted in separate ministries according to their mandate. The Ministry of Justice prepares the fundamental legislation in the society. Its special task is to develop legislative drafting in the entire Government. The aim is to improve drafting of statutes and the quality of the statutes. 

Good legislation is correctly targeted, consistent and comprehensible. This objective is pursued by coordinating statute drafting and developing the impact assessment of the statutes.

Legislation that is clear and up-to-date reduces costs for companies and citizens, decreases bureaucracy in the state administration and in the local government, and prevents cases piling up in court.

National objectives for developing statute drafting

According to Prime Minister Juha Sipilä's Government Programme, legislative policy steering will be clarified with the aim of reducing the net number of regulations and increasing the use of alternative instruments. The aim is deregulation and the reduction of the administrative burden. No further national regulatory measures will be taken in Connection with the implementation of EU regulations.

The Government Programme gives a list of measures to be implemented:

  1. A body charged with the task of ensuring the high-quality impact assessment of legislation will be established within the Government.
  2. Provisions will be cleared that most hinder people's everyday lives, business operations, agriculture, investments, Construction, healthy competition and voluntary activities.
  3. Immediate measures will be taken to dismantle lower-level regulations and instructions that hinder people's lives or business activities.
  4. Permit and complaint processes will be made smoother and a public service promise will be made on such processes.
  5. The number of complaints between authorities will be minimised through advance negotiations, for example.

In Finland legislation is drafted by the ministry responsible for the matter in question. Each ministry is responsible for legislative drafting within their branch of activity and for the quality of the legislation. The Ministry of Justice promotes and coordinates the cooperation between the ministries to improve legislative drafting within the Government.

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Better regulation

Development of legislative drafting (better regulation) in Finland aims is to improve the clarity of legislation and promote the welfare of citizens and the competitiveness of businesses. The aim is to improve the regulatory framework and clarity of legislation. Better regulation is clear, consistent and comprehensible.