This page contains materials and publications of the Advisory Board for Ethnic Relation. Documents related to the work of the Advisory Board, such as meeting agendas, are available on the page operation.

County elections 2022 are for everyone

  • County elections in Finland will be held on Sunday 23 January 2022.
  • The advance voting period will be in Finland from 12 to 18 January and abroad from 12 to 15 January 2022.

County elections 2022 – online events

Briefly about county elections

The new wellbeing services counties will constitute the electoral districts for the county elections. In the elections, the members and deputy members of county councils will be elected in each wellbeing services county. The county councils will be responsible for organising health, social and rescue services tasks in the wellbeing services counties. No county elections will be conducted in Helsinki.

County elections 2022: More information available at


Publications by the Advisory Board for Ethnic Relations and its partners.

Report: Right to belong — Proposals for strengthening the sense of belonging among multicultural youth in Finnish society

The report proposes measures for supporting the construction of identity and strengthening the sense of belonging among multicultural youth. The report identifies factors that affect the lives of especially multicultural youth and includes suggestions to strengthen their position.

The report is available in the following languages:

Guide: Information on bullying at school for parents speaking foreign languages

The guide provides information on bullying, harassment and discrimination and describes how these problems can be addressed. The guide provides parents with easy-to-read information on how to identify bullying situations and how to intervene in them.

The guide has been compiled based on research data and parents’ views on the subject. The guide is produced and published by the Regional Etno in Southern Finland.

The guide is available in the following languages: