Contact information

Postal address 

Ministry of Justice
PO BOX 25, FI-00023 Government

Visiting address

Eteläesplanadi 10, Helsinki

Barrier-free access to the Ministry of Justice

The main building of the Ministry of Justice can be accessed barrier-free through the gateway. The staff and visitor entrances and the main gate have door entry intercoms for contacting the security guard. After opening up the gate, the guard will point the guest toward the correct entrance and come to open the door. When leaving the Ministry premises during office hours, visitors must ask the security guard to open up the exit door and the gate for them. 

Access to the Ministry’s meeting rooms is barrier-free. The ground-floor meeting room, named “Julkisuus”, is freely accessible, and so is the nearby toilet. There is lift access to the conference centre on the basement floor. There is also an accessible toilet on the basement floor. A guard will open the door to the lift and to the facilities for guests.

Telephone and fax

Telephone +358 2951 6001 (Switchboard)
Fax +358 9 1606 7730

The price for calls to the 029 numbers is the local network fee or the mobile call fee charged by the caller's operator. When calling from abroad, the price is determined by the local operator.

The registry of the Ministry of Justice

Official mail: 
Telephone +358 2951 50320

Documents can be delivered to the Government's mail distribution centre, (address: Ritarikatu 2 B, Helsinki)

E-mail addresses: [email protected]
In some e-mail addresses the first letter of the person's second forename is placed between the forename and the surname and e-mail addresses are in the form [email protected] .

If you get a failure notice after having sent e-mail to the Ministry, you are welcome to contact the Media and Communications Unit,, for correct e-mail address. 

Media and Communications Unit 


Media Service:
Tel. + 358 295 150 255 (Mon–Fri 9–16). The number is intended for media use only.

See also web page For media ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Contact information of Media and Communications Unit

Judical system

Contact information of the Judicial System (courts, prosecutors, legal aid, enforcement)

Whistleblower protection

The protection of whistleblowers safeguards people who report certain types of misconduct. Read more about reporting misconducts.