Petition for pardon

In individual cases, the President of the Republic may, after obtaining a statement from the Supreme Court, grant a full or partial pardon to a person sentenced to a punishment or other criminal sanction by a court of law.

A pardon can be sought by the sentenced person himself or herself or by a private individual, corporation, authority or someone else on behalf of the sentenced person. A petition for pardon may concern anyone sentenced to a punishment (for example imprisonment, fine, or community service) or to another criminal sanction (for example forfeiture or loss of military rank). The judgment imposing the sentence must be final.

No formal requirements have been set for the petition for pardon. The petition must include all the information that is relevant and necessary for the consideration of the case. The petition must include the name and personal identity code of the person for whom pardon is being sought, the punishment or other criminal sanction imposed on the person, and reasons for the petition.

The petition for pardon, inclusive of any appendices, must be addressed to the President of the Republic and submitted to the Ministry of Justice. Before presenting the petition for pardon to the President of the Republic, the Ministry of Justice obtains any necessary statements from the authorities. The President of the Republic makes a decision on a pardon on the presentation of the Minister of Justice.

The person who submitted the petition and other persons or authorities concerned are informed of the decision of the President of the Republic.

A general amnesty may be provided only by an act.

Petitions for pardon must be submitted to the following address:
Ministry of Justice
P.O.Box 25, FI-00023 Government

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