In Finland the Constitution is the basis of all legislation and exercise of government power. It details the fundamental rules, values and principles of Finnish democracy.

The Constitution specifies the foundations of the relationship between the individual and government. It also contains provisions about the principles of the exercise of power by government, government organisation and the relationships between the highest organs of government.

The Constitution of Finland entered into force on 1 March 2000.

The text of the Constitution is in the Data Bank Finlex in Finnish and Swedish .

The Constitution of Finland is also available in

English (updated 2018), Finlex ( Constitution of Finland )
Russian (updated 2012), Finlex ( Конституция Финляндии )

Translations from the year 2000

German, Finlex ( Grundgesetz Finnlands )
French, Finlex ( Constitution de la Finlande )
Spanish, Finlex ( Constitución de Finlandia )
Sami(Suoma vuoddoláhka)