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New telephone numbers at the Ministry of Justice as of 29 May

Ministry of Justice
24.5.2012 8.00
Press release -

Telephone numbers of the Ministry of Justice change on 29 May 2012. The old landline telephone numbers are taken out of use and replaced by new numbers starting with 02951. The new telephone exchange number of the Ministry of Justice is +358 2951 6001.

The old numbers will be in use alongside the new ones for the summer, but thereafter they will be disconnected. Mobile phone numbers do not change.

The price for calls to the 029 numbers is the local network fee or the mobile call fee charged by the caller's operator. When calling from abroad, the price is determined by the local operator.

The new numbers are a part of the new telephone number system of the state administration. Calls to the 029 numbers between authorities are free of charge.

The new telephone numbers will be displayed on the website of the Ministry of Justice from 29 May 2012 onwards at the address More detailed contact information is available on the website under the section The Ministry.

Further information:
Markku Kuusela, Senior Adviser for Legal Affairs, tel. +358 9 1606 7571,
(from 29 May onwards) +358 2951 50156

Anna-Maja Henriksson
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