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International conference on restorative justice will be held in Helsinki on 14-16 June - The mass murders in Norway also on the agenda

Ministry of Justice
6.6.2012 21.00
Press release -

The Ministry of Justice, the European Forum for Restorative Justice and the University of Helsinki will hold an international conference on restorative justice in Helsinki on 14-16 June. One of the keynote speakers is Norwegian Professor Nils Christie, who in his presentation examines the possibilities of a community to recover from atrocities like the mass murders in Norway.

The main theme of the Conference is connecting people - bridge-building and repairing of conflicts between people. Victims and offenders are not the only ones affected by crime, but instead the effects of violence and crime are often felt in the larger community as well.

The Conference focuses around three different themes: victims, offenders and community. Preliminary results of a broad international research project on the needs, experiences and position of victims in restorative justice will be presented in the Conference. Another discussion theme is offender rehabilitation and reintegration into the community. The third main theme for discussion is the community's possibilities in the best possible way to participate in restorative justice practices and to make use of the benefits they produce.

Opening remarks will be made by Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson and Minister of Social Affairs and Health Maria Guzenina-Richardson.

Approximately 250 experts on restorative justice from 34 countries will participate in the Conference.

Further information:
Aarne Kinnunen, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Justice, tel. +358 2951 50580
e-mail: [email protected]

Anna-Maja Henriksson
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