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Producer of the e-service for citizens' initiatives has been selected

Ministry of Justice
15.5.2012 10.00
Press release -

Solita Oy has been selected as the producer and system supplier of the electronic service for launching citizens' initiatives. Competitive bidding for procurement of the system was carried out as so-called open bidding.

The possibility to submit an initiative for the enactment of an Act to the Parliament entered into force in the beginning of March. Signatures of 50 000 Finnish citizens entitled to vote supporting an initiative, i.e. statements of support, must be collected within six months either in paper form or in an online data system. For the online collection of signatures, a free-of-charge online service maintained by the Ministry of Justice will be introduced in the autumn 2012. The construction of the system will begin immediately now that the supplier has been selected.

Via the online service it is possible to submit both citizens' initiatives to the Parliament and initiatives to the municipal authorities. It is also possible to support and follow initiatives launched by others.

The future online service will be made available in the so-called e-participation environment, which provides and gathers together several online services related to civic engagement. The project for e-participation environment is part of the eServices and eDemocracy Development Programme (SADe programme) coordinated by the Ministry of Finance,which aims to make electronic services available to all citizens and authorities.

Further information:
Project Manager Teemu Ropponen, tel 09 1606 7529, and
Project Manager Mikko Levämäki, tel 09 1606 7922,
[email protected]

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