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The Ministry of Justice has been informed of scam email messages being sent in the name of the Ministry of Justice, the police and Europol. The scam message claims that the recipient has been invited to court. If you receive such a message, do not reply to it and delete it. 

Confirmed results of Finland's European elections now available online

12.6.2024 19.36
The recount of votes cast in the 2024 elections to the European Parliament (European elections) conducted in Finland has been completed. The results of the vote recount are now available in the Result Service of the Ministry of Justice.

Election day for the European elections is Sunday 9 June 2024

7.6.2024 9.47
Sunday 9 June is the election day for the elections to the European Parliament, or the European elections. On Sunday, polling stations will be open from 9.00 to 20.00. Preliminary results of the election conducted in Finland will be published on the evening of the election day starting at 20.00.

The Civil Society Organisations Strategy outlines the development of the operating conditions of non-governmental organisations

6.6.2024 14.00
The Government has adopted a resolution on the Civil Society Organisations Strategy. With the help of the strategy, the Government will promote independent fund-raising activities by CSOs, develop government grant activities concerning CSOs and dismantle bureaucracy that burdens them.

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice maintains and develops legal order and legal protection and oversees the structures of democracy and the fundamental rights of citizens.

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Administrative sector

Administrative sector

More than 9,100 people work in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice, most of them in courts.

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Leena Meri
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Anna-Kaisa Ikonen
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