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Conference: Stakeholder engagement in rule-making enhances democracy and improves regulation

20.9.2023 11.23
Participatory, responsive, and transparent regulatory practices strengthen trust in democratic decision-making. They also help ensure that regulation achieves its societal objectives. Advanced ways to improve stakeholder engagement in rule-making is the topic of the 14th OECD Measuring Regulatory Performance Conference, which is held in Helsinki on 19–20 September.

Learn about the Transparency Register Act – information available

3.4.2023 15.15
The new Transparency Register Act obligates lobbyists to provide information on lobbying targeted at Parliament and ministries to the Transparency Register from the beginning of next year. The National Audit Office of Finland is the controller of the Transparency Register and it will monitor compliance with the obligation to provide information to the Register.

Results of parliamentary elections available online on 2 April starting at 20.00

30.3.2023 11.27
Vaalit. Val.
Preliminary results of the parliamentary elections to be conducted on Sunday 2 April will be published online in the Result Service of the Ministry of Justice starting at 20.00 on election day.

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice maintains and develops legal order and legal protection and oversees the structures of democracy and the fundamental rights of citizens.

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Administrative sector

Administrative sector

More than 9,100 people work in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice, most of them in courts.

The administrative sector of the Ministry of Justice


Leena Meri
Leena Meri
Minister of Justice
Anna-Kaisa Ikonen
Anna-Kaisa Ikonen
Minister of Local and Regional Government,
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