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Advance voting in the second round of presidential election to begin on Wednesday 31 January 

Ministry of Justice
Publication date 30.1.2024 13.49
Press release
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A second round will be conducted in the presidential election as none of the candidates received more than half of the votes in the first round. The candidates in the second round are Alexander Stubb representing the National Coalition Party with candidate number 8 and Pekka Haavisto representing a constituency association with candidate number 10. The candidate numbers are the same as in the first round. 

According to the election results confirmed by the constituency electoral committee of Helsinki, Stubb received 27.2 per cent and Haavisto 25.8 per cent of the votes cast in the first round. 

The advance voting period for the second round is from 31 January to 6 February 2023 in Finland. Abroad, advance voting for the second round will be conducted between 31 January and 3 February, but many of the advance polling stations abroad are open for a shorter period than this. The election day for the second round is Sunday 11 February 2024.

Finnish citizens who have reached the age of 18 have the right to vote

All Finnish citizens who have reached the age of 18 years no later than on 28 January 2024 are entitled to vote in the presidential election, regardless of their place of residence. The same voting register that was used in the first round will also be used in the second round, which means that the same persons are entitled to vote in both rounds.

Eligible voters may vote at any of the general advance polling stations in Finland or abroad

The addresses and opening hours of the advance polling stations in Finland and abroad are available in the Information and Result Service and in the Polling Station Service run by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency at

Voters may also call the Elections Helpline of the Ministry of Justice free of charge to ask about the advance polling stations. The telephone number is 0800 9 4770 for service in Finnish and English and 0800 9 4771 for service in Swedish and English. Voters can also send their election-related questions on Whatsapp (050 438 8730).

Proving identity at polling station

Voters must present proof of their identity at the polling station. Official photo IDs, such as passports, driving licences and identity cards issued by the police are accepted as proof of identity. It is essential that an election official can reliably verify the voter's identity based on the document. Voters who do not have a valid proof of identity can obtain a temporary identity card free of charge from the police for voting purposes. 

Follow voter turnout online 

You can follow voter turnout during the advance voting period in the Information and Result Service. Once the advance voting period has begun, information on the number of advance voters in the entire country, in each election district and in each municipality will be updated in the service once every hour.

Arto Jääskeläinen, Director of Electoral Administration, tel. +3582951 50128, [email protected]
Laura Nurminen, Senior Specialist, tel. +3582951 50008, [email protected] 
Elina Rissanen, Senior Specialist, tel. +3582951 50248, [email protected]

Read more about the presidential election and voting at
Information and Result Service of the Ministry of Justice:
The Polling Station Service of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency:

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