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UN reviewers: Finland's measures against corruption have been successful

Ministry of Justice
Publication date 6.6.2011 9.00
Press release -

An international expert group has reviewed the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption in Finland. According to the review, the Finnish anti-corruption machinery functions well and some of the practices adopted in Finland could serve as models for other states.

Overall, the legislation in Finland fulfils the requirements laid down by the UN Convention. The review group presents altogether 19 recommendations to Finland. Most of the recommendations deal with possibilities of making minor amendments to the legislation.

The review group suggests among other things that Finland strengthen measures to protect the identity of whistle-blowers reporting corruption offences.

The international cooperation of the Finnish police, customs and border guards is praised by the reviewers. The scope of cooperation is exceptionally wide, and Finland has been found to have developed successful practices in the field.

Finland acceded to the UN Convention against Corruption in 2006. Altogether 150 states have acceded to the Convention. Due to an active campaign driven by Finland, among other states, a so-called peer review was, for the first time ever, introduced in connection with the Convention. In the peer review, a group consisting of experts from several states reviews the actions of each state.

Criminalisationof the acts defined in the Convention, such as different forms of bribery, was the object of the review. In addition, the activities of the police and the judicial authorities as well as the international cooperation were reviewed.

The review group visited Finland in February 2011. At this stage of the process, an executive summary of the report is available, and it will be presented to the Contracting States in Vienna at the turn of May and June. The actual report will be completed during June, and it will be published both in English and in Finnish on the website of the Ministry of Justice later.

Further information:
Matti Joutsen, Director of the International Unit, tel +358 9 1606 7778
e-mail: [email protected]

Finland - Executive Summary (pdf) attached to the Press Release on
(The review report will be published once it has been completed)

United Nations Convention against Corruption - further information on the Convention

Tuija Brax
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