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Immigrants and associations launched a web service Monimos

Ministry of Justice
Publication date 8.6.2010 9.00
Press release -

Immigrants living in Finland and associations working on multiculturalism have launched a joint web service at The web service is intended to serve as the multicultural voice of Finland. The website is a virtual meeting place for associations, immigrants and others interested in multicultural issues and provides an opportunity for networking.

The web service also provides immigrants and other interested groups a possibility to influence the authorities. Associations and authorities can use the web service to organise polls and immigrant associations can introduce their objectives and activities on the website. The website is also a discussion forum where immigrants and other visitors can express their opinions. The web site can also be used to promote events and spread information, for example, about different leisure activities.

The web service is hoped to promote societal participation and activate people to take a stand in topical issues and take part in different events.

The website contains information about the often very small and fragmented immigrant associations in Finland. The cooperation network of multicultural associations in the Helsinki metropolitan area includes 50 - 60 associations and all of these will be presented on the website.

The main language in Monimos is English, but it is also possible to use other languages onthe site.

The web service is developed in cooperation with the EPACE-project coordinated by Ministry of Justice and financed by the European Commission, the SOMUS- social media research project and the cooperation network of multicultural associations Moniheli. The service is operated by Moniheli.

Further information:
Project Coordinator (EPACE) Laura Ahokas, Ministry of Justice, 09 1606 7629, 09 1606 7626,
e-mail: [email protected]

Project Coordinator (Somus) Pirjo Näkki, VTT, 020 7225897, e-mail: [email protected]

Visit the website at

Tuija Brax
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