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Information on candidates for county elections to be published on 23 December

Ministry of Justice
Publication date 21.12.2021 10.02
News item

The county election boards will confirm the master lists of candidates for the January 2022 county elections on Thursday 23 December 2021. Information about the candidates will be published on the website of the Ministry of Justice during the same evening.

There are 21 wellbeing services counties, each of them with its own candidates. The lists of candidates contain the name, candidate number, profession and municipality of residence of each candidate.

In the county elections, voters may only vote for a candidate standing for election in their wellbeing services county. The wellbeing services county in which a voter is entitled to vote is determined based on their municipality of residence. Voters can check which wellbeing services county their municipality belongs to on the website (in Finnish).

Voters can learn more about the candidates in their wellbeing services county on the internet, through campaign advertising of political parties and candidates, and by using a vote compass.

The elections to be held on Sunday 23 January 2022 are the first county elections in Finland. In the elections, representatives for the county councils will be elected. The county councils will be responsible for organising healthcare, social welfare and rescue services in the wellbeing services counties from the beginning of 2023.

The boundaries of the wellbeing services counties mainly correspond to the boundaries of the current regions with the exception of the region of Uusimaa, which includes four wellbeing services counties.

The residents of Helsinki will not vote in the county elections, because the City of Helsinki continues to be responsible for social, health and rescue services in Helsinki. Another exception is Åland, which is not affected by the health, social and rescue services reform.

Information about the candidates for the 2022 county elections will be available in the Information and Result Service as of 23 December.

Information about county elections and voting:
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Elections helpline: 0800 9 4770 (in Finnish) and 0800 9 4771 (in Swedish).
WhatsApp service for election-related questions: 050 438 8730

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