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Municipal elections: Proving identity at polling stations

Ministry of Justice
Publication date 26.5.2021 11.10
News item

Voters must present proof of their identity when voting at a polling station.

Official photo IDs, such as a passport, identity card and driving licence, are accepted as proof of identity. The old cardboard driving licence will also be accepted, if the voter can be identified from the photo and the election official can thus reliably verify the voter's identity. 

Voters who do not have a valid proof of identity can obtain a temporary identity card free of charge from the police for voting purposes. 

Election officials may ask voters to briefly remove their face mask to verify their identity. Instructions on how to remove the mask are available on the website at

Instructions on safe voting during COVID-19

The website contains instructions for voters on safe voting in the municipal elections during the COVID-19 pandemic. Voters must wear a face mask or covering, use hand sanitiser and stay two metres away from others at the polling station. Election officials will monitor safety at the polling stations and advise voters on how to follow the instructions. Voters may bring their own pen to the polling station if they so wish.

Special measures have been planned to enable voters placed in quarantine or isolation by a doctor or having respiratory symptoms to vote. Voters can contact the central municipal election board of their municipality to ask about these special arrangements.  

Reliable information about elections:
Instructions for voters on safe voting during COVID-19 on Twitter on Facebook
Election videos on YouTube
Elections helpline: 0800 9 4770 (in Finnish) and 0800 9 4771 (in Swedish).
WhatsApp service for election-related questions: 050 438 8730

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