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Feedback and additional information

Feedback on the website can be sent by e-mail to the Media and Communications Unit ( You can also use our feedback form to send us your comments.

In official matters, please contact the registry of the Ministry of Justice, e-mail oikeusministerio(at)

For further information about the website, please contact the Media and Communications Unit, e-mail

Your feedback

* Obligatory information

Processing of personal data

Any feedback given using the feedback form is directed to the email address of the Media and Communications Unit of the Ministry of Justice. Such contacts with the Ministry that the authorities are required to keep a record of, in accordance with the good information management practices, are recorded in the case management system of the Ministry of Justice. Other messages are destroyed at the end of each calendar year. For more information on the processing of personal data provided on the feedback form, please see the data protection page on our website.