Permanent Secretary

The Permanent Secretary assists the Minister in leading and developing the Ministry's activities and strategic planning as well as the performance management on the administrative branch of the Ministry and the performance management of the Ministry.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice is Mr Pekka Timonen.

Permanent Secretary Pekka Timonen 

Telephone: +358 9 1606 7502

Secretary to the Permanent Secretary

Ms Tuuli Mustonen
Telephone: +358 2951 50125

Fax: +358 9 1606 7525

Unit Managers and Department Managers

Law drafting department

Director General Antti T. Leinonen

Department of Judicial Administration

Director General Kari Kiesiläinen

Department of Criminal Policy

Director General Arto Kujala

Unit for Democracy, Language Affairs and Fundamental Rights

Director Johanna Suurpää

Internal Audit Unit

Director of Internal Audit Kaisa Sistonen

Media and Communications Unit

Director of Media and Communications Unit Kati Pärnänen

Administrative Unit

AdministratieveDirector Olli Muttilainen (on leave of absence, Arja Apajalahti-Laine acts as a substitute)

Economy Unit

Director of Finance Tapio Laamanen

Information Management Unit

Director of Information Management Tarmo Maunu