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Debtor’s protected portion, essential living costs considered in debt adjustment to be raised in 2024

Ministry of Justice
Publication date 14.12.2023 11.02
News item

The general increase of the protected portion left to the debtor in the attachment of wages in enforcement proceedings will be extended until further notice and an index adjustment will be made to the amount of the protected portion from the beginning of 2024. The essential living costs taken into account when calculating the debtor’s available funds in debt adjustment will also be subject to an index adjustment.

On 8 December 2023, the President of the Republic approved an act on the extension of the general increase of the protected portion. The amendment implements the Government Programme of Prime Minister Petteri Orpo and ensures that sufficient income remains available for debtors. 

In 2024, the protected portion left to the debtor in enforcement proceedings is EUR 32.56 per day for the debtor and EUR 9.52 per day per each dependent, such as a child. The protected portion of a debtor without dependants is therefore EUR 976.80 per month.

The amounts of essential living costs taken into account in debt adjustment are also being increased in accordance with the change in the national pension index. For example, from the beginning of next year, the essential living costs of a person living alone or a single parent will be calculated as EUR 707 per month when calculating the available funds. The debtor does not need to provide a separate account of these costs. The amount of essential living costs does not include housing costs, which are considered on the basis of a separate account.

The rules for calculation in enforcement proceedings are to be reformed as a whole during the government term, and the level of the protected portion and the fair amount of attachment in all income categories will be reassessed at the same juncture.

Inquiries: Terhi Salmela, Senior Government Adviser, tel. +358 295 150 203, [email protected]

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