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The website of the Ministry of Justice, www.ministryofjustice.fi, provides information on, i.a., the Ministry, its work and duties and on ongoing legislation and development projects at the Ministry.

Finnish and Swedish pages are the most extensive ones. The pages also provide some information in English.

The Media and Communications Unit of the Ministry of Justice maintains the website and is responsible for it. The aim is to ensure the correctness and topicality of the content of the website.


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Social media and RSS feeds

The Ministry's news and information on current events are also published on Twitter and Facebook.

You can share the information provided on the website of the Ministry of Justice on Facebook and Twitter or by e-mail.

You can keep up to date with our latest news and publications by subscribing to our RSS feeds. If you link to a headline on this website, you must acknowledge the source. Links to headlines on this website may not be used in a derogatory or misleading context or as a part of a commercial service.

The Ministry of Justice makes an effort to ensure that the contents of the RSS feeds are accurate, but takes no responsibility for possible inaccuracies or errors in the contents.

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Unless otherwise stated, the texts, images and other material published on this website is copyright of the Ministry of Justice. If the copyright of a photograph published on the website belongs to someone else, the photographer is acknowledged.

You are free to use and link to the contents on this website, as long as you acknowledge the source. The use of the contents for other purposes requires prior agreement with the Ministry's Media and Communications Unit.

Further distribution of attached files published on the website of the Ministry of Justice without permission is prohibited. Linking to individual images is prohibited.

Technical recommendations

To read PDF files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader programme, or equivalent from a different manufacturer. It can be downloaded for free on the Adobe website.

For information security reasons, certain file extensions are blocked by default in the data network of the Government. The blocked file extensions are considered potentially harmful, because they may be carry viruses and other malicious code. The following common file extensions are deleted from e-mails to and from the network of the Council of State: .bin, .exe, .cmd, .com, .reg, .scr, .lnk, .mdb, .vbs and .zip. More information about blocked file extensions can be found on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

Feedback and additional information

Feedback on the website can be sent by e-mail to the Media and Communications Unit (viestinta.om(at)om.fi). You can also use our feedback form to send us your comments.

In official matters, please contact the registry of the Ministry of Justice (oikeusministerio(at)om.fi).

For further information about the website, please contact the Media and Communications Unit.


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