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The website of the Ministry of Justice, www.ministryofjustice.fi, provides information on, i.a., the Ministry, its work and duties and on ongoing legislation and development projects at the Ministry.

Finnish and Swedish pages are the most extensive ones. The pages also provide some information in English, in Northern Sami and in Russian.

The Media and Communications Unit of the Ministry of Justice maintains the website and is responsible for it. The aim is to ensure the correctness and topicality of the content of the website.


The website search function is in the header. The search function generates results by default from the entire website. The results are sorted by relevance.

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To read pdf-files, you need the Adobe Reader program or some other similar program, which you can download free of charge.

The online service provides information in the form of RSS feeds.

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The website uses responsive design and the content adapts to the device being used. The pages are best viewed with the latest browser versions. The website can also be viewed with earlier browser versions but then you might not be able to make full use of all the service features available.

Feedback and additional information

Feedback on the website can be sent by e-mail to the Media and Communications Unit (viestinta.om(at)gov.fi). You can also use our feedback form to send us your comments. Please do not share confidential or sensitive information using the feedback form.

In official matters, please contact the registry of the Ministry of Justice.

For further information about the website, please contact the Media and Communications Unit.

Social media and RSS feeds

The Ministry's news and information on current events are also published on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Ministry of Justice in social media

You can keep up to date with our latest press releases, news, speeches and columns by subscribing to our RSS feeds. If you link to a headline on this website, you must acknowledge the source. Links to headlines on this website may not be used in a derogatory or misleading context or as a part of a commercial service.

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Legal notice

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the website. 

In making the content available, every effort is made to keep the information up-to-date and accurate. The Ministry of Justice is not responsible for any expenses or damage incurred by the user because of errors that might exist on the site. Nor is the Ministry responsible for any harm caused by technical problems or any material published by external parties and linked to the website.

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TheMinistry of Justice does not pay compensation for the use of this website or for any information that users might post through it. Users grant the Ministry of Justice unrestricted, global rights free of any charge to use and edit any such materials.

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The Ministry of Justice retains the right to update, edit or change the terms of use and the content and visual image of the website. Users are advised, from time to time, to check the terms of use in force on this web page. The Ministry of Justice has the right, at any time and for reasons that need not be specified, to suspend the provision of these website services, for example for the duration of maintenance and updating.

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If a part of these terms of use are deemed to be in violation of an unconditional legal provision or cannot be applied in practice, such a part will not affect the validity of other parts of these terms of use.

Finnish law shall apply to these terms of use and their interpretation, aside from cases in which there is a conflict between the legal provisions in question.