Statement of opinion by the advisory board for ethnic relations on international women's day 8 march 2019

The Advisory Board for Ethnic Relations ETNO wants to hand out a rose on International Women’s Day to all women in Finland, especially to immigrant women. These women work in different professions, care for their families, pass on cultural heritage from one generation to another and participate in different ways in society. However, there are a number of obstacles on their path. ETNO calls upon various actors and communities in society to identify and tackle these obstacles as well as to strengthen women's participation and integration.

Read the entire statement here.

Forum for Ethnic Relations 2018

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Helsinki, Vanha ylioppilastalo


Forum for Ethnic Relations 2017

The Forum for Ethnic Relations 2017 was organised in Helsinki on 1 June 2017 around the theme “Civil peace now! – Good Relations in Finland”. A report describing the key contributions of the event is available in Finnish.

How can good relations between population groups safeguard civil peace in Finland?

What are the components of civil peace and trust in the democratic system?

What kinds of good relations policies are pursued in Finland – or are they?

A survey of good relations between population groups in Finland was also published during the forum.

“How are we doing? A survey of good relations between population groups in Finland, with focus on municipalities with reception centres for asylum seekers.”

The survey is available in Finnish.